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All Commodities
Asia (AORD):
5,502.60 -57.80
Europe (ATX):
2,501.74 -21.68
NASDAQ 5,255.65 +4.55
S & P 500 2,191.95 +0.87
NYSE 10,838.58 +9.59
EUR -1.0000
JPY -1.0000
GBP -1.0000
AUD -1.0000
CAD -1.0000
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Read TIME and Fortune’s Global Forum Report on Ending Poverty

Editors from Time and Fortune presented Pope Francis with the report of their Global Forum in Rome, attended by select Fortune 500 CEOs, scholars, labor and church leaders and philanthropists. The report, “The 21st century Challenge: Forging a New Social Compact,” was inspired by the Pope’s plea for broader prosperity and lasting ways to lift…

Donald Trump Thrusts Taiwan Back on the Table, Rattling a Region

President Clinton greeted crew members of an aircraft carrier that monitored Chinese war games near Taiwan in 1996.

Far right has second chance in Austrian presidential election

By Francois Murphy VIENNA (Reuters) - Austria will provide a new gauge of the populist wave sweeping Western democracies on Sunday, as the divided country holds a vote that could deliver the first freely-elected far-right head of state in Europe since World War Two. The knife-edge presidential run-off is all the more dramatic for being a re-run of an election held six months ago - before Britain chose to leave the European Union and Americans elected Donald Trump as president - offering an indication of whether popular anger at the political establishment has grown. When Norbert Hofer of the anti-immigration Freedom Party (FPO) narrowly lost the original run-off in May with 49.65 percent of the vote, European governments breathed a sigh of relief.

What to Know About the Deadly Warehouse Fire in Oakland

Nine people have been confirmed dead

The Interpreter: Trump, Taiwan and China: The Controversy, Explained

President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan, center, speaking with President-elect Donald J. Trump from her office in Taipei on Friday.